Your Rights During a DWI Stop in Denton County, TX

When it comes to defending against a DWI charge, no two strategies are the same. Our Denton lawyers at Marsala Law Group create our defense strategies based on each client’s circumstances. Our experience is implemented by approaching every case in a carefully-planned and effective manner.

This is how a typical DWI stop goes:

  • The officer stops a driver for a traffic violation
  • The officer suspects that the driver has been consuming alcohol
  • The officer administers the field sobriety tests
  • The officer administers a chemical test of some sort to verify the alcohol content in the driver’s body

Each step in the investigation can be specifically and successfully attacked. Call our office today at (940) 382-1976 and we can begin building a defense for you.

Understanding Your Rights During a DWI Stop

It is unconstitutional for an officer to stop a vehicle without cause. Even in instances where law enforcement has set up road check points, they must have a significant reason, and they must follow a set process in order to avoid violating the rights of the citizen. If the stop is made without cause, all the evidence that is accumulated thereafter to prove a person was driving while intoxicated will be suppressed.

Typically, an officer will make a traffic stop because they claim to have seen a violation, such as failure to use a turn signal, or driving erratically, or a broken tail light. Even if the officer is only looking for a reason to stop a vehicle, with the further purpose investigating for DWI, the stop will be treated as legal and valid if the driver did in fact, violate a law. In other words, the true intent for the stop is irrelevant, as long as the officer had probable cause.

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