Find a Sex Crime Attorney in Denton, TX

When you are accused of a sexual offense in Denton County, you need a lawyer who is experienced, professional, and trustworthy.

How is it possible to beat a sex crime accusation?

By choosing a criminal defense lawyer who specializes in cases like yours.

Can you be charged with sexual assault without any evidence?

Yes. But a charge is not the same as a conviction.  A conviction, however, largely depends who you hire to represent you.

Winning a sexual assault case as the defendant is difficult and challenging, even in the most optimal situation. Despite the right granted to all American citizens that they are “innocent until proven guilty,” law enforcement, prosecutors, jurors, the media and public opinion almost always side with the alleged victim before any evidence is shown.

At the Marsala Law Group, we believe in second chances and fighting for every defendant’s constitutional right to a fair trial. You are innocent unless the prosecution can prove “beyond a reasonable doubt”.  And we will fight for you, your family and your personal freedoms throughout the legal process.

Why Do I Need to Hire a Sexual Assault Defense Attorney?

Hiring the right criminal defense attorney who has a deep understanding of sex assault laws in Texas can mean the difference between a ruined life and having your charges dropped or dismissed.

According to the Sixth Amendment, every American has the right to hire a qualified attorney or be appointed professional legal counsel if they cannot afford one.

Some people choose to represent themselves,  but this is discouraged in sexual assault cases, given the severity of the sentences for such crimes.

Texas is extremely tough on punishing sex offenders, often sentencing those found guilty to many years in prison and forcing them to register with the state. Added punishments include large fines, civil lawsuits and damage to relationships. Experienced attorneys like Dominick Marsala and Jenna Magaña know how to communicate best with prosecutors and judges,  negotiating on your behalf to construct the strongest legal defense, based on their expertise regarding the law and the evidence (if any) being presented against you.

Is it cheaper to have a defense attorney appointed to your sexual assault case rather than hire one?

Not all the time. The cost of a public defender is usually given to the defendant once everything is said and done, so it is not beneficial to think that you are getting cheap or free legal representation.

While you are guaranteed the right to professional legal representation, that doesn’t mean the individual assigned to your case is the right person for the job. Court-appointed attorneys often have many projects going on at the same time and are more likely to make a mistake in preparation or not give your case the time it requires.

When Should You Hire a Sexual Assault Defense Attorney?

As soon as possible.  The more time you have with an attorney to plan out a defense, the better off you will be.  Obtaining a lawyer early, even before being questioned by law enforcement, is crucial to securing the best possible result.

If you or a loved one have been charged with sexual assault in Denton County, TX, then we invite you to fill out a contact form to schedule a free consultation. Delaying only hurts your case, and increases the chances of a conviction, so get a professional attorney now to defend your life.

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