In Denton, Texas, the family law court understands that a person’s life can change significantly, following the action of a child custody, child support or spousal support agreement.  These changes may require a change in visitation arrangements or child support payments.

Reasons for a Modification

At Marsala Law Group, our family law attorneys can work to change an agreement, based on a broad range of factors:

  • Income change: We work with both parties to match support payments to new income amounts
  • Additional support for the child: We can work to have child support payments increased to fully meet the needs of children
  • Moving to a new home: Oftentimes, clients need to relocate due to job transfers, to be closer to family, or for education-related issues
  • Schedule changes: Visitation arrangements can be modified to accommodate life changes, such as new work hours or child activities.

Achieving the Modifications You Need

Our Denton attorneys have substantial experience in the areas of child custody, child support and spousal support. We have earned a reputation throughout Denton for providing compassionate, effective, and ethical legal representation in order to meet your needs.

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