Child Support

Our family law attorneys handle all child support legal matters with regard to litigation, enforcement, reduction, and modification throughout Denton County.

Issues with respect to the financial obligations of parents are addressed in the initial divorce decree, but that doesn’t guarantee circumstances won’t change or obligations will be met. Read on for more information about Denton support laws.

Litigation of Child Support

Child support is usually granted to the “custodial” parent, or the parent who has legal custody of the child, and is paid by the “non-custodial parent,” or parent with whom the child does not primarily reside.

Custodial parent may litigate because:

  • Parent ordered to pay support is not properly making the payments
  • Support payment is too low, due to promotion or other financial improvement of the paying parent

Non-custodial parent may go to court because:

  • Support payment is now too high, due to loss of job or other decline in income
  • Support is going to parent with whom child no longer primarily resides

To help ensure that your child is taken care of, please contact our family law office for a free consultation.

Enforcement of Child Support

In cases where the parent who is responsible for paying child support fails to do so according to the requirements outlined in the divorce, the parent to whom payments are owed has the right to request enforcement of the decree.

Enforcement measures can be used to:

  • Collect past-due payments
  • Collect regularly-scheduled payments.

Reduction of Child Support

On occasion, the amount of support agreed upon at the time of the divorce can become an issue, since the paying parent is no longer earning the same amount of money they did when the divorce was settled. When a parent finds they cannot afford the same amount of support, they may request a reduction in the amount they are required to pay. The court can then use the Texas guidelines for child support payments to make an appropriate reduction, based on the current income.

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