Attorney General Cases

The Texas Attorney General office is the official child support enforcement agency in the state. The Attorney General Child Support Division has a great deal of authority to go after those accused of not paying child support properly.

At Marsala Law Group in Denton, TX, our attorneys regularly help clients who are sought after by the state of Texas for child support payments. We also help clients who have not had an existing child support situation, and we help those who want to contest paternity before the attorney general.

Enforcement of Child Support

When one parent is not paying the agreed upon child support, the Child Support Division has the authority to penalize the nonpaying parent. Some of the available remedies to obtain child support include:

  • Taking wages
  • Suspending the nonpaying parent’s driver’s license
  • Seizing property
  • Seizing tax refunds
  • Filing a lawsuit
  • Criminal charges leading to jail time

Many of our clients previously believed they could not afford to have an attorney on their side. However, we regularly help clients in hearings in child support court who are experiencing financial struggles. As leading family law attorneys in Denton, Texas, our office has a history of effectively getting results for our clients.

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