Sexual Assault of a Child in Denton

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Texas law prohibits sexual abuse of a child. Under Tex. Penal Code Ann. § 21.02(b), the offense is defined as the commission of two or more acts of sexual abuse against a child younger than 14 years of age during a period of 30 days or longer, regardless of whether the acts of sexual abuse are committed against one or more victims.

Although the exact dates of the abuse do not need to be proven, the offense requires proof that two or more acts of sexual abuse occurred during the range of time.

National statistics of sexual crimes against children, and how these crimes are initiated, can be found on the FBI website .

Under Texas law, the testimony of the child victim alone is sufficient to support a conviction for continuous sexual abuse of a child or indecency with a child. The child does not need to provide the date that the abuse occurred, since the law presumes that it is not often that a child knows or has the presence of mind to check, the date they were sexually assaulted.

If you have been accused of sexual crimes against a child or children, contact our criminal defense office immediately.  Your future and freedoms depend on having an experienced attorney by your side.

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If you were charged with any criminal offenses for committing sexual abuse against a child, then you will need to contact and obtain an experienced criminal defense attorney in Denton, TX.  

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Elements of Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child

The elements of the crime of continuous sexual abuse of a child include a presentation beyond a reasonable doubt of the following items:

  • the victim or victims were a child or children younger than 14 years old at the time;
  • during that time, the defendant was 17 years of age or older;
  • the abuse occurred over a period of 30 or more days;
  • the defendant intentionally and knowingly committed two or more acts of sexual abuse against the victim or victims;
  • the defendant intentionally and knowingly abducted the victim with the intent to violate or abuse the victim sexually; 
  • and/orindecency with a child, to-wit: the defendant intentionally and knowingly engaged in sexual contact with the victim by then and there touching the anus or part of the genitals of the victim or causing the victim to touch the anus or part of the genitals of the defendant;
  • sexual assault;
  • aggravated sexual assault;
  • burglary, with the intent to kidnap or sexually abuse a child
  • sexual performance by a child;
  • trafficking of persons under Section 20A.02(a)(7) or (8);
  • compelling prostitution under Section 43.05(a)(2).


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