What to do When Someone Files a Restraining Order against You

If you have a restraining order filed against you, contact our Denton TX criminal defense lawyers to help protect your freedoms

Restraining Orders in Denton County, TX

If someone has accused you of any kind of violence or harassment in Denton, then you will need an attorney who knows how to navigate the ramifications of a restraining order.

At Marsala Law Group, we have experience in helping people who have been accused of domestic violence and are dealing with the negative impacts that a restraining order can have on their lifestyle and freedoms.

Restraining orders start out as being temporary, though they can become permanent, which is why it is important to obtain the counsel of an attorney to prevent permanency, as these can become very inconvenient and can have severely negative effects on family relationships.

A restraining order can also be used as a tactic for one person to get the upper-hand in a dispute, often by making false accusations in order to gain a restraining order, and then carry out whatever they wish to accomplish without worry of the other person being in the way.  The justice system looks down on this tactic, though that does not stop it from happening.  Thus, if you believe that a person is making up allegations against you, then it is imperative that you seek counsel from an attorney who has experience in dealing with restraining orders.

Contact our defense attorneys for legal assistance if someone has wrongly filed a restraining order against you.  Our lawyers offer free consultations and will work to achieve the best possible results in the courtroom.

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