Public Intoxication Attorney in Denton

Contact our Denton County criminal defense attorneys if you've been charged with public intoxication

Being drunk in public, in Denton County, TX, is not considered to be a crime unless the person is drunk enough to be a danger to themselves or other people.  Under the Texas Penal Code § 49.02, public intoxication is a misdemeanor.  What constitutes as “public” is a area that everyone is able to enter: hospitals, restaurants, bars, and parks all fall under “public areas”. 

The penalties for public intoxication can include:

  • 1st offense – A fine not exceeding $500
  • 2nd or more offenses – Fine not exceeding $2,000 and possible jail time not exceeding 180 days

An experienced criminal defense attorney knows how to defend a public intoxication charge, and how to mitigate the consequences if convicted.  Our Marsala Law Group lawyers will take a strong stance in fighting for the rights of our clients and do everything we can to protect your rights and freedoms.

Public intoxication is on the less severe end of offenses, but a conviction is still a black mark on your record and will show up if anyone, such as a landlord or potential employer, decides to run a background check.  Thus it is very important to hire someone, who knows what they are doing, to help you defend your future.

Contact our criminal defense attorneys at Marsala Law Group for a free consultation on your public intoxication charge.

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