What to do if stopped when I have drugs or weed?

Get help from a Denton County drug crime defense attorney.

What to do when I get stopped with drugs?

If you’ve been accused of having drugs or marijuana in Denton County, you’re going to need a defense attorney.

But, if you’re googling this question right now as an officer is approaching:  do not let them search you, your car, or your home. It is within the law for officers to pat you down (and if you are carrying a weapon, it is better to tell them about it than to let them find it), but not to search your property without permission. Don’t answer any questions, be polite, stay calm, and don’t give in when they say they’ll bring a drug dog.

A drug or marijuana conviction causes the person to lose their driver’s license and requires the person to take and finish the Drug Offender Education Program.  And if you are a student, you may lose access to your financial aid or your ability to obtain financial aid.

So if the officer found something and you’re now facing a drug or paraphernalia charge, call our drug crime defense attorneys at Marsala Law Group for a free consultation, and we’ll work on a strategy to hopefully get you off the hook.

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