Charged with Marijuana Concentrates / Edibles / THC concentrates?

Get help from a Denton County drug crime defense attorney.

What is a concentrate?

A concentrate is anything which includes marijuana extract. THC (trahydrocannabinol) is the chemical in marijuana that gets the user “high”.  Consuming the concentrated form of THC will get the user considerably higher than smoking, as the user is receiving a far more potent dosage of the same chemical.

The THC concentrate can be cooked into food, mixed into candy or flavored wax to be “vaped”.  “Special brownies” or “special gummy bears” are very common ways to consume concentrated THC.

Because these concentrates are more potent than the marijuana plant, that possession is considered, in Texas, to be a felony.  The possession of one to four grams constitutes a second degree felony, and the possession of less than one gram constitutes a third degree felony, as it is classified as a controlled substance under Texas Statute § 481.116.

Drug cases our Denton defense attorneys have seen involve the following carriers of the THC concentrate:

– THC oil

– CBD oils

– THC wax

– THC Honeycomb

– THC chocolate

– THC brownies (“special brownies”)

If you’ve been caught with a marijuana or THC concentrate – or edibles, as they are sometimes called – contact our drug crime defense attorneys at Marsala law Group for a free consultation.

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