Heroin Information

Charged with a crime involving heroin? Get help from a Denton County drug crime defense attorney.


Heroin is an opiate, made from morphine, and is extremely addictive.  It is usually sold in the powdered form and can be diluted with corn starch to help the dealers stretch their supply without drawing attention to the appearance.  Dealers may also mix in strychnine, which is poisonous if it enters the body, thus making that mixture even more dangerous than the drug already is.  Because the buyers/users generally don’t have a way to tell what compound they are receiving, the heroin could contain anything and the user wouldn’t know until they ended up in the hospital.

The short term effects include a warm sensation throughout the skin, then a dry mouth, itching, and dulled mental processing.  Users also may experience constipation, and vomiting.

The long-term effects include: permanent brain damage, collapsed veins from injections, increased possibility of AIDS/HIV, build up of toxins in blood vessels, arthritis and joint problems, and lung and heart malfunctions.

Heroin is known by the names: chiva, black tar, junk, dope, H, and brown, among others.

If you’ve been caught with heroin, contact our criminal defense attorneys today at Marsala Law Group to discuss your options and begin developing a strategy to get your drug charges reduced or even dismissed.

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