Charged with Paraphernalia?

Get help from a Denton County drug crime defense attorney.

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

PDP is the crime of having in one’s possession materials which are used in conjunction with illegal drugs, such as marijuana bowls, rolling papers, bongs, small baggies and scales, bent spoons and syringes, and any other device or material that is connected to drug use.

Obviously, most of these items can have other purposes, outside of drug use.  However, given the situation, a case can be made to portray them as drug-related devices, and you can end up facing a drug charge.

If you are facing a paraphernalia charge, you will need to obtain the aid of a professional criminal defense attorney, who can protect not only your rights, but also help to maintain your professional licenses.

A drug, or paraphernalia, conviction can result in a fine and possible jail time, and many people are tempted to just pay a fine.  What they’re often not aware of, however, is that paying a fine still results in a conviction on-record.  And a drug-related conviction can have a negative impact on your driver’s license status, financial aid availability, and any professional licenses you may possess.

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