Pretrial Diversion Program in Texas

If this is the first time you have been accused of a crime, then you may be eligible for the pretrial diversion program. Contact one of our professional criminal defense attorneys in Denton, TX, for a free consultation.

A pretrial diversion is a program available to some first-time offenders, instead of prosecuting them.  It essentially allows them to continue with their lives under the supervision of law enforcement for a period of time, without carrying the long-term effects of a conviction.  Those in the program are supervised by the County Probation Department, and the exact details of the program requirements are tailored to the individual. 


When determining eligibility for the program, the following conditions must be met (with occasional exceptions):

  • The subject may not have any prior arrests
  • The subject must admit guilt of the offense
  • The subject must check-in with a probation officer on a monthly basis
  • The subject must either be employed or enrolled in an accredited school 
  • The subject must not commit any offenses or use illegal drugs

In some instances, payment to a victim (if any), and/or community service is required.

If you wish to learn if you qualify for this program upon being accused of a crime, contact Marsala Law Group immediately for a free consultation and to reap the benefits of our extensive experience.

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