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Because of their size and weight, buses can cause a lot of damage when they're involved in accidents, and not just to property, but to people as well. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's analysis, in 2017, 15,000 bus accidents resulted in injuries, and 229 resulted in death. Victims of such crashes have the right to file claims against the at-fault party to recover compensation for damages. However, these matters are quite complex, as they require determining the cause of the crash and holding the correct person or entity responsible. If you are considering pursuing a civil claim for your bus accident, reach out to a skilled Denton bus accident attorney as soon as possible.

At Marsala Law Group, our Denton bus accident lawyers have over 20 years of combined experience, and we know what it takes to get results in personal injury cases. When you turn to us, we will help you understand the process and discuss your legal options. Additionally, our team will take care of every detail of your case, allowing you to focus on your health. From beginning to conclusion, we'll be by your side, working hard toward a just recovery on your behalf.

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Determining Fault for a Bus Accident in Texas

As the individual pursuing a bus accident case, you must prove that the person or organization you're taking action against caused the crash. Meeting this burden can be difficult, because several factors may have contributed to the accident. Thus, one or more people or entities may be responsible. For instance, the bus driver may have been looking at their phone, which led to the accident, or a mechanic may not have adequately examined or maintained the bus before its departure, causing a malfunction that made the driver lose control.

What can make bus accident cases even more difficult is the fact that they often involve city buses. Pursuing a claim against the government can be complicated, as additional steps must be taken to file successfully.

Determining liability involves conducting a thorough investigation, reviewing relevant reports and records, and, sometimes, reconstructing the accident. The process requires the help of an attorney who has experience collecting and preserving evidence to build a solid case. Our Denton bus accident attorneys are practiced at extensively examining accident cases and developing compelling arguments to protect the rights of victims.

Recovering Damages After a Bus Accident in Texas

Bus passengers, drivers and passengers of other vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, and others are at risk of suffering harm in a bus accident. They might sustain physical injuries, as well as mental ones, that take quite some time and treatment to mend. In some cases, they might not ever completely heal.

Pursuing compensation after a bus accident allows victims to get the money they need for economic and non-economic damages.

Damages that may be recovered in a bus accident case include, but are not limited to:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Pain/suffering

At Marsala Law Group, we'll provide accurate assessment and evaluation of your case. We'll help ensure that you are seeking a fair settlement amount that takes into account the various damages you have sustained and/or will sustain because of the accident.

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At Marsala Law Group, our Denton bus accident attorneys understand the challenges you may face when seeking justice after a bus accident. That is why we will deliver the compassionate legal representation you need. Whether your case can be settled out of court or must be taken to trial, you'll have a sincere advocate on your side throughout.

We help people injured in bus accidents in Denton County and the surrounding areas. Set up a complimentary consultation and get started on your case by calling our Denton bus accident lawyers at 940-382-1976 or contacting us online.

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