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When a party aside from a direct employer or coworker causes or contributes to an injury you sustain, you are entitled to collect workers’ compensation benefits from your employer and pursue the responsible party for damages which are not covered under workers’ compensation.

Possible grounds for workplace injury lawsuits include:

  • Negligence: Negligence is the basis used for filing a lawsuit against a person or company who fails to use reasonable care, resulting in an injury or death of another person.
  • Premises Liability: When the owner of a property fails to maintain their premises in a safe manner and a person is injured as a result, they may file a lawsuit against the property owner for their injuries.
  • Product Liability: If you were injured due to a defective product, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the equipment or machine that caused your injury.
  • Wrongful Death: The family of a worker fatally injured due to the conduct of a party aside from the deceased’s employer can file a lawsuit to pursue damages for loss of emotional and financial support.

If you or a relative have experienced an injury while at work, then you may be eligible for compensation. Contact our injury attorneys for a free consultation.

Damages Recoverable in Injury Lawsuits

Depending on the degree of your injury, and the cause, you may be entitled to recover wages or loss from medical expenses:

  • Pain and Suffering: Civil law allows an injured person to recover financial compensation for pain they experience as a result of their injuries
  • Lost Wages: An injured worker can recover both past and future lost wages when their injuries prevent them from returning to their position.
  • Medical Expenses: Many medical expenses incurred as a result of a job-related injury or accidents are compensable in Denton, TX.
  • Disability: Many people become permanently disabled due to incidents that occur while on the job.

As you can see from the items mentioned above, the application of the law can be very fact-specific. Thus, it is very important for you to speak with a workplace injury attorney in Denton to see what can be done to make sure neither your insurance company nor the workplace can take advantage of your injury.

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