Frequently Asked Questions for our Denton Attorneys

Yes!  We have flexible pricing plans, and we give free consultations.

Three things:
– Tell your friend or family member not to answer any questions about the incident. They need to ask for a lawyer immediately, which should stop any questioning.
– Contact a criminal defense lawyer in your county.
– Call a bail bondsman to try getting them released.

You want someone who will go the extra mile for you. It is your future on the line, so be sure to hire someone you trust.

Set up a face-to-face meeting with an attorney to discuss the situation. This will be better to get an idea of how dedicated they will be in taking care of your case.

Yes.  Even lawyers need lawyers.  It is difficult to know what the opposition will bring to the table, so it is best to have someone representing you who knows the law inside and out.

Post bond, get a lawyer, assess the situation, and stay out of trouble.

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