Multiple DWI Offenses in Denton, TX

The court system gives an accused person charged with multiple DWI’s far more attention than they would give a first time offender.

Penalties for Multiple DWI Charges

It is exceedingly important that you understand the risks associated with driving while intoxicated, especially if you already have one or more DWI offense on your record.

A conviction for a second DWI carries a heavier punishment than the punishment for a first-time offender. Probation is still available, but there is a minimum of 3 days in jail required as a condition of probation.

A DWI charge after two prior convictions is counted as a 3rd degree felony. Punishment is increased, including a range of 2-10 years in prison. Probation is still available, but the minimum jail time increases to 10 days.

Regardless of how many previous DWI convictions you have received, there is still the potential for receiving an occupational driver’s license.

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