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Accused of Child Molestation in Denton County, TX?

If you have been accused of molesting a child, then you need to hire a Denton County sex crime defense attorney to represent you in court. If you or someone you care about has been accused of child molestation, then our criminal defense attorneys in Denton, Texas, will help you to fight for your rights and defend you in court.

In any sex crime case, particularly those involving children, society and the justice system has a tendency to assume you are guilty, even if there is only an allegation and now evidence to back it up. The accused person usually goes through hell even before a trial begins, with friends, coworkers, employers, and even family members shunning or humiliating them. Sometimes, the pressure becomes so great that the accused person will admit to a crime they did not commit, just to end the misery of being publicly harassed both in person and online.

At Marsala Law Group, we understand the dangers of being accused of molesting a child, even before a conviction, and you know what you are going through. We believe that you are innocent until proven guilty, and we will do everything in our power to make sure that your future remains intact.

Reasons for False Child Molestation Allegations

Even though it is a good thing to catch people who are truly guilty of child molestation, false accusations do occur, and innocent people do suffer greatly because of them.

Many child molestation cases are started from false accusations, with ulterior motives on behalf of one of the parties involved. Here are some common examples:

  • Child Custody Disputes: One parent may want permanent custody of the child, so they accuse the other of molestation.
  • Divorce: If parents are going through a divorce, one parent may want to cut the funding of the other, so the other can no longer afford an attorney. The can be done by making a false accusation of molestation, causing the accused parent to lose their job.
  • Disgruntled Student: Perhaps a student didn’t get the grade they wanted, or a good recommendation for college, so they will accuse the teacher or school of molestation, raise a public circus against the school, and end up with a case against the teacher to either coerce them into giving a higher grade or glowing review.
  • Stepchild Syndrome: On occasion, an adopted child may wish to end the relationship or be moved to a new home, so they falsely accuse the step-parent of molesting them.
  • Attention: Sometimes, a false allegation of molestation (or other such sec crime) will be made only for the benefit of raising a media circus, which leads to social media fame, interviews, paid speeches, book authorships, etc., etc.
  • Money: Money is a great motivator. But greed for money can lead to innocent people getting hurt. False accusations are sometimes made for the sake of getting a settlement payment from a person.
  • Revenge: If a relationship ends badly, and one person is vengeful, they may accuse the other person of molesting them (or a child), simply to get the other person into trouble.

Children of are often taken at their word when they accuse a person of molesting them. This is because adults want to believe in the innocence and trustworthiness of children, thus they believe that children do not have any motive to lie. Unfortunately, children do lie. And the reasons may be obvious, but these reasons are usually overlooked by people who have a bias that children have no ulterior motives. Moreover, parents will sometimes “coach” their children to give certain answers, since the parents want something from the accused.

Defining Child Molestation in Texas

Texas sex crime law defines child molestation as a crime which involves the: “indecency, sexual contact, or sexual abuse…of anyone under the age of 17.”

Molestation of a child under the age of 14 is punished more severely, even if the defendant is a first-time offender.

All of these can be considered for a charge of child molestation:

  • Child pornography: Allowance, creation, distribution, or possession
  • Online solicitation of a minorParticipation in an activity of a sexual nature with a child, which may hurt them mentally, physically, or emotionally
  • Not taking a reasonable action which would prevent the sexual abuse of a child (Example: you witness a child being molested, but don’t do anything to prevent or stop it from happening)
  • Coercing a child to engage in sexual behavior, or talking them into engaging in a sexual act

Texas Punishments for Child Molestation

Abusive cases of child molestation are considered to be first-degree felonies and penalties can include:

  • 5 to 99 years in prison
  • $10,000 fine
  • Sex offender registration

What to do if Accused of Molesting a Child

If you or someone you care about has been falsely accused of molesting a child, then you need ot contact an experienced sex crime attorney, who knows the legal system, and can help you to protect your freedom. And do not say anything to the police: anything you say can, and will, be used against you in a court of law. This includes taking your words out of context and falsely representing anything you have said in your defense. The less you say, the less ammunition the prosecution will have against you.

Our Victories

Recent Case Results
  • A.G. – Denton Misdemeanor Assault Family Violence Not Guilty

    State presented seven eye-witnesses to dispute our claim of self-defense.

  • Clay County-DWI 2nd and Resisting Arrest Dismissed
  • J.P. – Dallas Felony Indecent Exposure Case Dismissed

    Original offer was 5 years in prison. After our investigation prior to trial, we discovered enough inconsistencies to convince the DA to dismiss!

  • H.R. – Denton Felony Aggravated Assault Not Guilty

    Not guilty verdict despite 3rd party-eye witness who testified my client went out to his car and grabbed a tire iron and chased after the victim and beat him repeatedly over the head. This is self-defense at it's finest.

  • S.M. – Denton Murder Case Dismissed
  • M.J. - Dallas Aggravated Sexual Assault of Child Not Guilty

    Substituted in for another attorney because client did not want to accept 8 years in prison.

  • A.P.G. – Denton Aggravated Sex Assault of Child & 3 Counts of Indecency with a Child Not Guilty - Jury Trial
  • S.B. – Cooke County Felony Theft Case Dismissed

    Dismissed the day before trial due to inadequate DNA evidence.

  • Dr. J.B. – DWI with Multiple Drug Charges Cases Dismissed

    All drug cases dismissed as well as a subsequent DWI while the client was on Probation.

  • Dr. R.C. – Tarrant DWI Not Guilty

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    We firmly believe honesty is the best policy. Our team will provide you with transparent updates and realistic outcomes.

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    I can't praise him enough and I thank God for him.

    “Mr. Marsala is a fantastic lawyer he is very professional and gave me hope where there wasn't none.”

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    “We feel indebted to him for all of his hard work and would recommend anyone to him.”

    - Friddle

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